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The Michael Lorden Memorial Scholarship
About Michael

The Michael J. Lorden II Memorial Scholarship was founded upon the death of Michael Lorden, a 22 year old young man. Michael was working and going to Gas apprentice school at night. Michael was a football player at Wagner College in New York. His dream and goal of college & Division I AA football ended with a severe shoulder injury. 2001-2002 were tough years with a lot of adjustments and disappointments for Michael. Michael was a young man with a large and loving heart. Michael was liked by everyone, young and old, he had a personality and smile that drew strangers to him. He was tough and strong who loved playing football. Off the field he was sensitive and helpful. Michael was raised in a good home with two loving parents and a supporting younger sister. We hope to raise enough money to help other student athletes with their college dreams and the pursuit of athletics. Also to keep Michael's memory alive.

What you can do:

Donations for the scholarship may be sent to:



born July 22, 1982
     left us May 15, 2005
          sister Julie
               his dog Pepper
                    his girlfriend Stephanie & best friend Nick
                         Mum and Dad.
                              Athlete, fisherman, animal & music lover
                                   collected baseball hats
                                        lived in WESTFORD, MA.
                                             loved to travel , favorite place Florida
                                                  loved sunsets & starry nights, and playing football in the rain.

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